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Live in the Present

A mindfulness meditation practice begins with getting still, sitting down, focusing on the breath, and when your mind begins to wonder simply take notice and bring the attention back to the breath.


Mindful Meditation

When we are mindful, we are conscious. We are living in the present moment rather than fearing what may lie ahead or regretting what has already happened.


The Revolution

One might say there has been a mindfulness revolution that has been occurring over the past few years. Mindfulness practice is being taught to United States marines pre-deployment and mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques are being taught in schools, hospitals, medical schools, and medical centres across the U.S.


Living in the Present

When we are being mindful or practicing mindfulness, we are living in the present moment. We are not judging people, things, or experiences as good or bad; rather, we are noticing the emotions and thoughts that come up, breathing into that awareness, and simply being aware of where we are choosing to focus our attention.


Focus On Awareness

Mindfulness is an intentional focus on awareness. It has its origins in ancient and present Buddhism, yet today it is practiced throughout the world, bridging religion sand cultures as away of paying attention and being present.