Welcome to the new Sensitiva HQ!
the sensitiva mission

we are sensitive to our environments, those around us, and most importantly to what we put in - and on - our bodies.

Since inception, Sensitiva has maintained a boldly independent approach to product formulation, production practices, and innovation.

this is sensitiva

our mission

Sensitiva’s simple, earth-friendly proactive wellness solutions combine the science of cutting-edge technology with the most powerful elements of nature.


nature + science

Deeply rooted in the understanding of the delicate nature and inherent sensitivity of human skin, Sensitiva combines the finest elements of nature and science to deliver uniquely innovative personal care formulas for head-to-toe skin health.


premium quality

Passionate about quality, simplicity, and results driven by nature, Sensitiva is committed to delivering effective skincare solutions derived from the earth’s bounty. We have a dedication to all-natural ingredients that are ethically sourced with the utmost of care.


plant driven

With an expansive collection of all-natural skin, body, and bath care essentials, Sensitiva’s advanced product line is designed to harness the restorative and nourishing power of botanical extracts and the natural benefits of hemp.

this is sensitiva

our focus.

We only source ingredients from the most reputable local suppliers, then combine contemporary technology with long-established apothecary practices.




Innovative Wellness Solutions


Scientific Prowess

this is sensitiva

our purpose.

We create organic products that help you live better. We strive to formulate routines and remedies that help you sleep, exercise, eat and meditate better.


Scientifically-Backed Solutions


Delicious and Nutritious Meal Recipes


Creative Movement Plans